Vino... that's all we are about.

Hi folks!!
Finally we are ready.. we have worked hard to bring you the new website and in this Blog section we would like to give you some information about what's happening in the world of wine, with  particular attention to the wineries and wines that we proudly import
We hope to get more insight from the producers and winemakers, to help you get a better experience and knowledge of the wines in our Portfolio.
Let the journey begin.

Claudio Scarsi

Wine blog

yes is nearly Xmas but at Vinissimo we are all about wine and customer service so me and Angelo Sanna, were down to work at the new Made In Italy Restaurant in Wimbledon, guests of Elio, Monica and Max,  tasting some of the wine in our portfolio.

Vinissimo would like to wish you a Happy Halloween weekend.
Watch out and be aware of Zombie, Witches and Bad Wine.

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