Ionia Coffee

Ionia Coffee
Ionia...Il Caffe was founded in 1960, thanks to Don Giovanni Raciti who, from the very beginning, gave it the mark of great efficiency and a future-oriented strategy. The plant at Santa Venerina, not far from a little Sicilian town called Giarre, was built in 1975 and extended many times, culminating in the recent construction of the new factory. Modern production technologies, together with the management experience of the Raciti family, contributing to their international success.
Today, Ionia...Il Caffe successfully distributes its coffees in many countries, all over the world, thus contributing to the continuation of a tradition that makes Italian coffee and Sicilian coffee in particular, the king of coffees. Together with its productive activity, the Ionia Coffee Company has been able to organize a series of services intended for commercial dealers; such as the coffee machines, furniture and professional equipment, as well as a qualified after-sale service, completing the image of a modern, dynamic and market-oriented company.

Gran Crema

For bar and traders who know how important it is to invest in quality, thats a mixture of noble workmanship, extremely aromatic, with a strong flavour and density of real cream.

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