Teresa Rizzi

The  Della Torre  family has  ancient  origins ( about  year  1100 ), the name  was  due  to the  fact  that  they  were  owners of a tower  (‘torre ’ in Italian language )   which  was  part  of  Milan  city  walls.  Teresa  Rizzi  was  a noble woman  from  Verona who lived  around  year  1600, she  was  a descendant  of  Della Torre  family.  She  was  known  because  she  started  takin g  care  personally  of  her  family  vineyards, which  were located in the most vocated  area of  Veneto region.

Wine Type: 
Tasting Notes 

This Prosecco is fresh, clean and dry yet delightfully soft. Pale yellow in colour with fine bubbles and an intensely fruity bouquet.
Questo Prosecco e' fresco, pulito e secco ma comunque morbido. Di colore giallo chiaro con bollicina fine e un intnso bouquet fruttato.

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