Vecchio Amaro del Capo

A symbolic product of Distilleria Caffo is Vecchio Amaro del Capo, a Calabrese, herb based liqueur, the fruit of an ancient, Calabrese recipe further processed and improved with experience acquired


Ageing in barrels represents for Marzadro continuous research aimed at enhancing the result of careful distillation.

La Trentina Morbida

Blend of four vines. Delicate and long-lasting.
Blend di quattro vigneti bianchi. Delicata e di lunga persistenza.

La Trentina Tradizionale

Blend of four vines. Intense with character.
Blend di quattro vigneti rossi. Intensa e di carattere.

Diciotto Lune

18 Months in oak, cherry, ash and acacia barrels. Harmonious.
Invecchiata 18 mesi in botti di ciliegio, acacia, frassino, e rovere.

Giare Chardonnay

Refined for 36 months in barriques. Very intense, elegant.
Invecchiata 36 mesi in barrique. Molto intensa, elegante.

Giare Gewurztraminer

Refined for 36 months in Barriques. Rich and Aromatic
Grappa invecchiata 36 mesi in barrique. Ricca, aromatica.

Giare Amarone

Refined for 36 months in barriques. Delicate and harmonious.
Invecchiata 36 mesi in barrique. Delicata e armoniosa

Marzadro Grappa Kits

Six grappa bottles, 12 grappa glasses and either an expositor or tasting chocolate (depending on season, chocolate is not available in the summer).

One Kit Box contains:

Fil'e Ferru

Home Distillation’ was widespread in Sardegna.

Mirto di Sardegna

This liqueur has a very delicate myrtle flavour with a hint of honey that gives it a soft velvety taste.


This pleasant liqueur with its intense scent of fresh fruit is obtained from orange peel steeped in alcohol.

Amaretto di Saronno

This spirit is amber gold in colour with a smooth bouquet. The flavour is velvety, and full of almond aromas.

Amaro Montenegro

This spirit has scents of orange peel, fresh not dried coriander, red cherries, pekoe tea and cucumber.


This spirit is pale gold in colour with intense hazelnut aromas, the palate is rich in texture with a delicate hazelnut flavour with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate and ends with a delicious af

Vecchia Romagna

Vecchia Romagna is a lively, smooth and harmonious Italian Brandy.


This Liqueur is a typical yellow in colour with a perfect balance of aromas. The flavour is very smooth and soft.

Amara Averna

Averna is a excellent liqueur with full body and smooth taste, extremely pleasant for every moment of the day.

Limoncino di Muravera

A delicious liqueur with a fresh, pleasant and unmistakable taste.
Un delizioso liquore con un fresco, piacevole e tipico sapore di limone.

Figu Morisca

Made with preakly pears infused in alcohol The result is a delicious liqueur which evokes the taste of the fruit it is made from but also that of almonds or Muscat grapes.

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