Bresca Dorada

Bresca Dorada
Bresca Dorada, golden beehive, a small, very precious object, such as honey was for Sardinian peasants: a name which encloses within itself the history of an enterprise born out of the respect and love for nature, tradition and genuineness, which prompted its founding partners, Enrico Diana and Paolo Melis, to establish their activity at Monte Liuru, in an area at that time almost inaccessible, in the Muravera countryside, approximately 50km from Cagliari.
An uncontaminated valley, two friends and an idea. The valley was in the Muravera area. The idea was to become beekeepers and produce honey and other products from beehives. So it was that in 1986 Paolo Melis and Enrico Diana founded Bresca Dorada. Paolo, Enrico and their team had over 600 bee hives. Moving them from one pasture to another they produced different kinds of delicious honey from the island's flowers. In 1990 they expanded into agricultural tourism. The two friends had a passion for making home-made myrtle liqueur.
When they started serving it as an after dinner digestive drink their customers were enthusiastic.
Their reactions convinced the two partners to increase production, which up to then had been of very small amounts, bottle and sell it.
It was a risk and a challenge to turn a hobby into a business.


This pleasant liqueur with its intense scent of fresh fruit is obtained from orange peel steeped in alcohol.

Figu Morisca

Made with preakly pears infused in alcohol The result is a delicious liqueur which evokes the taste of the fruit it is made from but also that of almonds or Muscat grapes.

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