Terre di San Venanzio

San Venanzio


'Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato' by choosing this name for our cellar and our wines, we have sought to evoke and recall values and ties that are so strong and binding for us; the land, splendid and demanding; the roots of an inimitable wine culture dating back centuries; the poetry of a fascinating profession and a project to be cultivated; of a fascinating profession and a project to be cultivated; the omen, or better still, the acknowledgment of the 'good fortune' of anyone can live in and know these lands.


The landscape of the soul: it is a pleasure to rediscover it in the verses and hymns of San Venanzio, the great poet of late Romanity and bishop of Poitiers, he was born at Valdobbiadene an, upon departing, became a citizen and interpreter of European culture of the VI century. Without ever forgetting his land of origin, the talents and the strength of an agricultural and oenological world, to which he dedicated some of his most popular verses. We have 'seen' him bow, almost in blessing, in front of the most precious fruits of his birthplace, in act of thanksgiving, devotion and captivation.

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Tasting Notes 

This wine is straw yellow in colour and has a bouquet that expresses delicate pear aromas and white flowers such as honeysuckle and jasmine. The flavour is soft, harmonious and elegant.


Vino di colore giallo paglierino con un bouquet che esprime delicati aromi di pera e frutta bianca, glicine e fiore d'acacia. Il sapore e' morbido, armonioso e elegante.

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